Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Blooming Trees

When I tell you there is a plethora of blooming
trees going on, I mean it literally.

If you look out our front door, past the evergreen you will
be treated to this scene. 

Can you get over the profusion of blooms!

Aren't they lovely?!

Okay you caught me, this was a drive by photo.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wildflowers Starting the Annual Show

In the spring we head to Anacortes, WA
for the pure peacefulness of it and to see
the wildflowers. The wildflowers were just
starting to bloom but it was worth 
visiting the area, it refuels ones soul.

Forgive me for not labeling the flowers,
I put off posting so often because I don't
know what they area.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fields of Beauty

Every spring people make the drive north
to Skagit county to see the fields of tulips,
 daffodils and the snow geese.

We are no different. Well actually we head
north to get away from the city and be 
in the natural world, the fields are on the way.

The daffodils were the only flowers blooming on this day.

You can see the field next to them hasn't bloomed yet.

This looks like just daffodils doesn't it but if you look closely
at the back of the photo you will see a blur of white. 

Here at the back of the daffodil field are the snow geese, this
is just one field of snow geese and you can find fields
and fields of these geese and daffodils and eventually tulips.

Aren't they stunning.

Here is a preview of  the next post, the next
post shows you where we went and what
we I was there for. I'm not sure
what the rest of the group goes for
but I love this place!!!

The wildflowers were just starting to bloom,
come back and see the rest tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Work It Work It Work It

The ground that is.
The front flower bed, the main flower bed is a mess!!!

It is my favorite flower bed, I also have called it
the wildflower bed. It gets kind of overgrown
with poppies in summer and then they die off and
not much is left except the weeds,
Lots of weeds grow year round here while
our mild winter gives them lots of help getting big.

A couple of views of the flowerbed, one in full bloom and one
covered in snow. Snow has been quite mild so far
this winter but it isn't over yet so we will see!

Love all the flowers.

Here is how it looks right now, as the days
warm I try and get a small amount done.
Don't want to overdo it the first day out.

If you open up the photo you can see the plants
labeled. Bluebeard shrub, black currant (gets cut
back after flowering), some columbine and
those grassy looking plants.

Sadly that darn sneaky creep around grassy weed
is filling in this plant which is a double
pain to get rid of as this plant is a bit wirey
and that darn weed grass is, well a pain.

There is one on each side of the flowerbed, across from each other.
At first I thought it was nutsedge and then I moved
one and found no ground nut type anything.
Meet Rush, Juncaceae
You can read all about it at Wiki, the article says
it's important bird food. It can stay!
Plus it is green year round. It can stay!

Here is why the currant gets cut back, the fruit at
this location is devastated by buggy critters and
no I don't spray it. One in another location
is virtually untouched by those darn pests.

Bluebeard was moved to the near front of the
flowerbed, here it was moved to a corner too close
to the clematis. Yup I make those rookie mistakes still.
Now the bluebeard will have room to grow and
I can admire it's beauty year round.
Bluebeard has these adorable leaf budlets
going on.

Columbine is peeking up, love love love.

This is a beautiful flower waiting for the warmth of spring.
Now I bet you want to know what it is?
Sorry, that's another day. honestly I can't find 
the photos and you will want to see it.

Working it like a boss, how about you?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowy Day

You knew I had to post on our snowy day.
We haven't had snow this winter till now and 
while we have had some cold we really
haven't suffered much. 

This drew me in right away, such beauty.

I love footy prints in the snow, these belong to our
garage kitty - he came to live in our garage
and we now call him Garriage.

The robins are usually all over this, I'm thinking
they will wait till tomorrow when it thaws.
Tomorrow is rain, yup rain.

Oregon Grape flower buds, I can hardly wait 
till they open.

Are you having snow? 
From what I hear lots and lots
of people are having snow!